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Bon voyage, IHP!

I can’t believe two weeks have passed, and we’re finally going abroad! In a few hours,we will be packed and ready to be picked up by a van to take us to the airport. Our flight is at around 10AM (Eastern), and we’ll be flying Emirates (SO EXCITED). After a 14-hour flight, we’ll have a layover in Dubai for about 3 hours. After that, we’ll board a plane to Delhi, take a van to our hotel, and stay there for the first two days – we might catch the Superbowl. My friend Lindsey is from Seattle, while a lot of the other students go to school in the North East…. Can’t wait to watch it!

This week has been packed with some last minute sessions, visits, homework, touring, shopping, and packing. Our Public Health course had our first assignment – a worksheet on social determinants of health that a affect a certain health outcome. I explored childhood obesity and discussed the individual, community, and social/cultural factors, in addition to policy. We had a short workshop to hear each other’s works. For the Globalization and Health class, we completed a short paper on an artifact we chose and the implications of globalization. I wrote about crosswalk/pedestrian signs. There was another workshop, and it was cool to hear about people writing about Chipotle, our nametags, and the metro – pretty neat stuff. As for our health and community research methods course, we had our first official site visit that included a meeting, observations, and our jottings, which were later converted into field notes. As a member of the Maternal and Child Health Case Study group, we visited the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE). It was an amazing opportunity! My group consists of 4 other members, and we had to present to the class the following day. I think it turned out pretty great for our first time.

Some other sites visits we did were to DC Central Kitchen and to the World Bank. Both were great trips, and I learned so much. Houston should definitely look into something like DC Central Kitchen – it’s more than a soup kitchen. It provides jobs and opportunities for people to move forward in their lives. Check it out! The World Bank Group was cool to tour and learn more about, but some of the stuff definitely went over my head.

In addition to our courses, we are all put into a country team to present about certain topics before, during, and after our visit to each country. I am a part of Team India, and we had to complete a “What’s Up Next?” presentation – we ended it with a Bollywood dance moves tutorial video. It was so awesome!

After class today, a group of us went to tour the Capitol. It was a nice way to spend our last day in DC.

For our farewell dinner, we went to Ella’s, a pizza place. We bid farewell to our Program Director, Sherrilynn, Country Coordinator, Latesha, and our Program Manager, Anna Gail. Sherrilynn will join us in Brazil and Anna Gail will join us in South Africa.

Lindsey and I realized that we just love Walgreens, and I just want to buy everything. We invested in some sleeping pills… we’ll see how that goes!

I am so excited to travel tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what India has to offer and what I can offer India!


Practices are driven by science, knowledge, and, unfortunately, reimbursements.

Hani Atrash
Health Resources and Services Administration

Guest Lecturer #4

Jan. 26, 2015
Site Visit #1: DC Central Kitchen

Such a wonderful place. Great NGO that tackles the underpinnnings of an issue. Check it out here –>  

Spent my Sunday with this great guy! Thanks, Murph, for showing me around, and I wish you the best. Hope to swap great stories from our amazing spring semester! (at Albert Einstein Memorial)

Restaurant Week Lunch at Filomena’s in Georgetown.

Angus beef meatballs as an appetizer, seafood cannoli as my entree, and some delicious mango and white chocolate mousse cake.

Friday night collective dinner and night life in DC.