A Series of Unfortunate Events – Week 3 LEAD Reflection

A resourceful realist who connects present-day events with the future embodies the three principles of resilience, but the one that I resonate the most with is the second one: the search for meaning. I believe that this principle plays a major role in the resilience of an individual and a company, but can also deter from moving on. When searching for reasons and explanations for certain events, one can get hung up on the past or on how they could have prevented such unfortunate events. This building block interests me the most because it separates the people who live in the past from those who live day-to-day. Those who live in the past constantly struggle to move on or get over the hump of certain events. I used to be the former, until I realized how much I was holding myself back from reaching my full potential. Now I consider myself someone who understands the past in order to prevent it from happening again. With this mindset, I hope to get over some issues within the organization – such as the apparent lack of communication between the liaison of my program, CFHI, and my supervisor from CEMOPLAF. Specifically, I will be the one to confirm that both sides know what exactly is going on with my work, my expectations, and the options available for me. If I do not address this issue, I will only expect failure to reach my full potential at CEMOPLAF. Since this is the beginning of my fourth week – almost halfway – I will be contacting the liaison to make some switches within my work and home. I truly hope that I will be in a better place within the organization, so that I can feel satisfied with the work I am doing here in Ecuador. 


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