or some goals!

Original Date: April 28, 2014
NOTE: Orig
inally, I had a blog on the platform Jux, but Jux is no longer available, so I will be posting some of my thoughts from that blog. I saved most of my work on my laptop, and I wanted to make it known. Summer 2014 I traveled to Quito, Ecuador as a Susan McAshan Service Learning Intern through the PJHC program at Rice University.

So I decided to post on here without planning out or making a big deal out of it. For some reason, probably due to school and work, I have been putting off posting. It is almost 2 AM, I’m about to fall asleep, and I just wanted to write some summer goals (before I forget them). 

  1. Spend more time with my family (especially my baby sister)
  2. Give my all at my internship in Ecuador
  3. Do all the homework I have for LEAD 150 and PJHC 
  4. Commit to one organization and give it my all
  5. Do more good than harm (in any sense)
  6. Blog: Post at least once a week
  7. Blog: Be creative – random posts, pictures, etc.

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