Practice Makes Perfect: A few setbacks – LEAD assignment

From my LEAD 150 weekly assignment:

Although I learned Spanish and English simultaneously, I have always felt that my Spanish doesn’t quite measure up to – what I like to think of as – a “true” Mexican American. Since being at my internship in Ecuador, I have truly felt like I keep stepping out of my comfort zone. With Spanish being the main language spoken in Ecuador and because of my internship being very flexible and hands off in the sense that I have a lot of control of what I want to do, I have faced situations where I took the initiative in seeking out the different opportunities available to my fellow peers and myself. Also, I’ve been stepping forward in my group to present ourselves, our sexual health lectures, and I even gave a presentation on college by myself. Even though these are great personal achievements, there have been a few setbacks. One of the setbacks being told that the government prohibits sexual health teaching in the high schools that I did my presentation. After finishing my 40-minute lecture, I was told that I could no longer present at that high school, which really upset me because I had an 8-week lesson plan prepared. My reaction was still a professional and understanding one, but I did make it clear that I was upset for obvious reasons of planning ahead and feeling disappointed that I would not go back to the high school and teach again. So far, the organization that I am working with, CEMOPLAF, has allowed me to choose a few other options. Among those will be a presentation at a university and a small conference, so I am still pretty excited. With this week’s reading of “Pixar’s Motto,” I believe that I have applied their principle when I was first preparing my sexual health presentation in Spanish. I drew up a draft, presented it to my Spanish professor and classmates, rehearsed with my peers, and then made drastic changes from their feedback and criticism. I knew that I would not get the presentation perfect on my first try, but with everyone’s help and the teamwork involved, I was able to succeed – even if it was after a few tries. Like the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.”  


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