Our first official day in DC was January 19, 2014 – MLK Day. We spent most of the morning getting settled in our new setting/classroom. Our travel to the classroom took us about 30 minutes, and with about 30 of us… that’s amazing. Like most groups, we did some group activities to learn about one another. The True Colors Test, which I’ve done for PAA stuff, was one of the activities that let us all know what type of people we are… I’m an orange (loud, energetic, charming, risk-taker, etc.) and a blue (optimistic, passionate, compassionate, devoted, etc.). The oranges had a group of 6… the golds were about 5, green consisted of about 4, and the blues took over (even all our staff are blues).


The rest of the afternoon was reserved for activities commemorating MLK. My group walked to the MLK monument, and it was such a wonderful experience to see so many people commemorating an amazing hero. We took some pictures, and then made our way to the Lincoln Memorial to visit the spot where MLK did his “I have a dream…” speech. It’s incredible to think that it happened a little over 50 years ago.

Among my favorite quotes is MLK’s, “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant."  His eloquent speeches are breathtaking, and will forever be influential.


For dinner, we went to Lalibela, a delicious Ethiopian restaurant! We had plans to attend a #BlackLivesMatter rally after dinner, but our fellow Lindsey told us it had been rescheduled. She suggested that as a group we could have an informal discussion. I jumped in on the conversation for a bit, and it was great to discuss such a major, visible issue. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s perspective, as allies, victims, but most importantly as human beings. This group is so diverse, wonderful, and interesting to listen to and to have deep conversations.


After a semi-packed day, I’m so excited for what DC has in store for us!!! 


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