End of 3rd Week!

I can’t believe it’s the end of the 3rd week!!!! Time flies. In that time, I’ve met and lived with my home-stay family, gone to the Taj Mahal (refer to pics below!), gone on a 11-hour over-night train ride to a rural village, Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh, ridden an elephant, went on a boat ride, driven on a semi-safari, visited district hospitals, health centers, girls education centers, children’s parliament, mothers, and I got bit by the Delhi Belly bug for 2.5 days (somewhat still recovering), interviewed some women, celebrated Valentine’s Day with my beloved IHP-ers, and attended and performed at the Second Annual Celebration for the school we were staying at. This past week we’ve done more site visits and we had 5 assignments due – yay! So this weekend, I’ll be staying in New Delhi, and I’ll be catching up on my blogging (I journaled most of it!). I’ll upload some pictures as well. Hooray!


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