The final stretch – São Paulo, Brasil

After about 30 hours of traveling, we finally landed in the largest city in the Americas, São Paulo, Brasil. It’s crazy that we have 5 weeks left. WTF?! Where has the time gone?!

A few things that I’ve noticed in the past 2 days-ish:

Graffiti Art. EVERYWHERE. 
So many people. Not New Delhi, but you know, more than back home.
Smoking is big here.
There’s no “typical” Brazilian.
Brasil is pretty Americanized – I hate using that word, but there you go.
Rice, beans, and meat = right at home for me. 
Skyscrapers, baby.
Drought going on.

Also, Portuguese makes me miss home. AHH. 


P.S. -Since I still feel pretty shitty (got sick last week in South Africa), I went to the ER (aka Pronto Socorro) and did some more experiential learning. Stay tune for another post about this experience.


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